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  • How does this work?
    Talented service providers like barbers and hairstylists come to your campus from neighboring cities to offer their services several times throughout the school year. Each provider has a minimum number of clients that must be booked in advance before they will come to campus. To see your preferred provider's minimum go to their page under the providers tab.
  • What happens if the minimum is not met?
    If the minimum number of bookings for a provider is not met then the provider will not come to campus. Any existing appointments will be cancelled and deposits will be refunded. Be sure to tell your friends about the services to help get your provider to your campus!
  • Why isn't the date I want available?
    Since each provider has a minimum requirement for bookings, the days they come to campus will be spaced out to maximize the posibility of hitting their minimums. If there is significant demand for their services, they are open to coming more frequently.
  • Can I suggest a date for a provider to come?
    Yes, we welcome suggestions for dates and will try to plan around those that are requested if it works for the providers. You can send your suggestions through the contact us form on our home page or by emailing If you have a large group that will need a service on a specific date let us know by emailing Please let us know which provider you would like to book, the service(s), and the estimated number of people who need the service.
  • How do I book an appointment for the service/provider that I want?
    Go to the book online page from the menu. From there you will see the different providers listed. Click on the provider that you want and then select the service you want. To complete your booking you will be asked for a deposit and should get a confirmation email once you are done.
  • Why do I have to put down a deposit?
    The deposit secures your spot for an appointment and also lets the provider know that they have guaranteed customers. This deposit does go towards your total payment. No payments are given to the provider until the service is completed. Deposits are non-refundable. If you do not show up for your appointment the deposit is given to the provider.
  • What if the service I want isn't listed or I'm not sure about what I want?
    Contact us with your question or feel free to reach out to the providers directly. It is likely that you will get a faster response by emailing us at
  • Is Wash and Dry included in my service?
    Wash and Dry is only specifically included if you book it as a service separately. For braiding services, please come in with your hair already washed and without product in your hair.
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